Munich Jewellery Week 2016 – Federica Sala – Unbearable Lightnesses

I promised more pictures, here’s a few. Amongst the many exciting things that happened during Munich Jewellery Week 2016, two dear friends had their first solo show in Munich. One of them is Federica Sala, and here are some pictures I took of her exhibition “Unbearable Lightnesses” at the Kunstgießerei with  84 GHz

Her delicate strong pieces pair glass and stones; beauty is born from contrast and oxymorons.

Here’s what she has to say:

Imagine to wake up and to see everything different than what you knew. The appearance of the surroundings is exactly the same, but no more the feeling of it.
Everything becomes suddenly worthless but meaningful, raising an awareness of a reality fragile and heavy at the same time.
There’s a new and indefinable tension between certain and uncertain. It’s a thrill that brings you on the brink of a precipice over nothing and everything.
Take your time to stay suspended in this pure and perfect balance. Keep as long as possible this vertigo feeling with you to magnify your experience of life.
Welcome to the world of the Unbearable Lightnesses.

There’s a reality to discover, in which everything is possible and looks exactly the opposite of what we know.
Our superficial perception is building a world of illusions in which appearance has become the only truth.
I want to raise doubts, creating pieces that defy the laws of Reality and seem to belong to another possible world.
All the uncertainties are turned into delicate jewellery pieces that once on the body draw the wearer’s attention, sharing their fragility with the reality we’re living.
My pieces want to make people change their perspective, generating a much more gentle and sensitive perception of themselves and of the surroundings as a consequence.”

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