Device 4

Device Four


“Contraption to regulate the imbalance created by

insufficient human interaction”


Objects Continued - From My Microwave With Love

wood, brass, leather, wire, hardware
From My Microwave With Love - Munich Jewellery Week 2015


Objects, Continued - From My Microwave With Love

Munic Jewelry Week 2015 – Objects, Continued – From My Microwave With Love

This is the last device that I have been able to identify.

There are still some parts that I haven’t been able to attribute to a specific mechanism; maybe they are just random spare parts, maybe too much has been lost.

This device is by no means complete: it is nowhere near functioning and I find it hard to understand what the point of it is. What we have is the hollow torso of a mannequin, a mechanical arm, a fully articulated hand made of wood, leather, metal and wires, and random pieces of padding.

The torso is split in three parts, on the front the cuts looks like an Y incision, while on the back it’s more like a T. I wonder if it was cut apart in order to send it, or if there is a functional reason for it. (I also wonder if the sender is aware that the pieces are turning up in what she would probably see as a fancy box in my kitchen? Could it be that some pieces went lost because they didn’t fit?)

Drawings that came with this are more like sketches, hard to understand. Most of them show human beings sitting in front of the mannequin. Between them, a variety of instruments that the subjects are holding or wearing. I am convinced the instruments are measuring something, mostly because numbers and calculations are present along every sketch, and different options are written down according to different ranges of results.

Other sketches show the mannequin is shown holding the hand, patting the shoulder and even hugging the subject.

This time there are no technical drawings, no documentation, not much writing either. Lots of illustration about anatomy and prosthetics, I suppose for background research. The title is the only clue here.